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Michael Heizer : Sculpture in Reverse
Manon Lutanie
Editions Lutanie
ISBN: 9782918685098
$41.40 (Member Price)

Pages: 73

Sculpture in Reverse is the reedition and first translation of an interview between Michael Heizer and Julia Brown, first published in 1984 in the exhibition catalog Michael Heizer, Sculpture in Reverse (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles MOCA). The original text is reproduced in facsimile and followed by a translation in French, presented with other figures from the original catalog, arranged in a new order. Sculpture in Reverse Michael Heizer Translated from English by RaphaŽlle Brin, in collaboration with Manon Lutanie Published with the support of Centre national des arts plastiques Printed in France 1500 copies 25 x 28 cm, in, 9.8 x 11 in, 73 pages Bilingual edition (French / English)
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