John Chamberlain : Choices
Susan Davidson
Guggenheim Museum
ISBN: 9780892074259
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Pages: 248

For a seven-year period in the mid-1960s, the artist abandoned automotive metal and turned to other materials. Motivated by scientific curiosity, Chamberlain produced sculptures in unorthodox media, such as urethene foam, galvanized steel, paper bags, mineral-coated Plexiglas and aluminum foil. Since returning in 1972 to metal as his primary material, Chamberlain limited himself to specific parts of the automobile, adding color to found car parts, dripping, spraying and patterning on top of existing hues to an often wild effect. In recent years, the artist has embarked on the production of a new body of work that demonstrates a decided return to earlier themes.

John Chamberlain: Choices accompanies the Guggenheim Museum exhibition, which comprises 95 works, from the artist's earliest monochromatic iron sculptures to the outsized foil creations he is working on today, encompassing shifts in scale, material and methods informed by the collage process that has been central to Chamberlain's working method. This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue includes essays by Susan Davidson, Donna De Salvo, Dave Hickey, Adrian Kohn and Charles Ray with an extensive chronology by Helen Hsu and a lexicon by Don Quaintance.
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