Phaedrus Pron
Paul Chan
Badlands Unlimited
ISBN: 9781936440023
$22.50 (Member Price)

Pages: 424
Limited Stock: 1

"Written" by typesetting the original text with computer fonts created by Chan that transform the conventional alphabet into an array of erotic idiolects, Phaedrus Pron unfolds as a relentless exchange of erotic verse between a philosopher and a young man in search of rhyme and reason.

Works of art in themselves, the fonts extend the possibilities of writing by rewriting what is written with a simple change of font in your computer: from Times new roman to...Phaedrus Pron.
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This artist book, designed by Chan, brings together for the first time drawings, writings, and fonts he created for Sade for Sade's sake, his monumental project that premiered at the 2009 Venice Biennale.
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