Annemarie Sauzeau : Alighiero Boetti's One Hotel : 100 Notes, 100 Thoughts : Doc
Annemarie Sauzeau
Hatje Cantz Verlag
ISBN: 9783775728744
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Pages: 24
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Annemarie Sauzeau was married to the Italian artist for more than twenty years, and in her personal reminiscence, she recounts Boetti's time in Kabul, where she occasionally accompanied him. How was it possible to open a hotel in Afghanistan? Who were the hotel guests? What happened on a typical day in the hotel? She also describes the close relationship Boetti had with this country, where he spent at least four weeks twice a year, and which assumed a significant role in his oeuvre. Annemarie Sauzeau is an art critic and writer and currently Director of the Archivio Alighiero Boetti in Rome.
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