Notes From Irrelevance
Anselm Berrigan
Wave Books
ISBN: 9781933517544
$14.40 (Member Price)


This generous book-length poem is an investigation of the author's unique personal history as it entwines with his present role as poet, citizen, and "one of the six billion-plus."
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Push the Mule
John Godfrey
The Figures
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Member Price: $11.25
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John Godfrey was born in New York in 1945. He has worked and written in New York's east village for more than three decades. Godfrey's recent books include Private Lemonade (Adventures in Poetry, 2003) and Push the Mule (The Figures, 2001). A graduate of Princeton University and Columbia University's School of Nursing, Godfrey works as a nurse clinician to AIDS patients in New York City. CITY OF CORNERS is his ninth collection.
Free Cell
Anselm Berrigan
City Lights
Price: $13.95
Member Price: $12.56
Limited Stock: 5

The second volume of our City Lights Spotlight Poetry series, Free Cell is the latest book of poems from New York-based poet Anselm Berrigan, one of the most influential American poets under the age of forty.
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