60 Lv Bo(e)mbs
Paolo Javier
Litmus Press
ISBN: 9781882022588
$10.80 (Member Price)

Pages: 84
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"Paolo Javier's 60 LV BO(E)MBS is one of the most radically detourned poetics that I've encountered in a long time. Rocking hard the perimeter of a national American literary metabolic center, Javier deftly develops what critical theorists have only been able to talk about: the birth of a non-idealist anticipatory-resilient para-national subject. His poetry engenders a polysemic motility that gives inner-life to this new state of 'independence'. What does that mean? It means your kolonial momma's got your poppa's digits-'by the products'"--Rodrigo Toscano. Javier is also the author of THE TIME AT THE END OF THIS WRITING, also available from SPD.
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