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Blinky Palermo: Retrospective 1964-77
Cooke,Buchloh, Hudson

ISBN: 9780300153668
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192 Pages

German artist Blinky Palermo (1943-1977) includes more than 60 works, most of which have never before been shown in North America. This beautifully illustrated volume spans the breadth of Palermo's brief but significant career and explores each phase, beginning with objects and paintings created shortly after he graduated from Joseph Beuys's class at the Dusseldorf Art Academy in the early 1960s and culminating with paintings he produced during his last years in both Germany and New York City. With essays by Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Lynne Cooke, Suzanne Hudson, Susanne Küper, and James Lawrence.

Palermo's oeuvre is customarily divided into four principal groupings: the Objects; the Cloth Pictures (Stoffbilder), the in situ Wall Paintings and Drawings, and the late Metal Pictures, including the epic To the People of New York City (1976), now in the collection of Dia Art Foundation. Blinky Palermo also addresses the artist's works on paper, including watercolors, sketches, preparatory studies, and prints that he made throughout his career.

Essays by distinguished authors position the artist's work in relation to postwar American art and culture, which he greatly revered. Topics include the influence of the American milieu on the Metal Pictures; space and time in the Wall Drawings and Paintings; and the insights into Palermo's concerns and process afforded by his works on paper. The most comprehensive volume on Palermo's career to date, this important book offers a rare opportunity to explore in-depth the work of a remarkably innovative artist, pointing to Palermo's relevance and influence on a new generation of artists.
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Over the course of his 14-year artistic career, Peter Heisterkamp, aka Peter Schwarze, aka Blinky Palermo, tirelessly probed the limits of abstract painting. Having begun his brushwork on more traditional surfaces, he shifted his activity to less conventional supports, experimenting with diverse materials and forms, exploring the relationships that can exist between the wall and the space delimited by the painting.
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Shortly before his death in 1977, German painter Blinky Palermo created his most significant cycle of paintings, dedicating it "to the people of nyc." The work consists of 15 parts, composed from 40 painted aluminum panels arranged in combinations of cadmium red, cadmium yellow and black.
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The present study examines the painting techniques and materials of the artist and attempts to give insights into his painting process by reconstructing the development of his late, multi-layered works on metal.
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This publication focuses in depth on the artist's works on paper from 1976-1977, executed just prior to his untimely death in February 1977.
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