Robert Ryman : Critical Texts Since 1967
Vittorio Colaizzi
R.A.M Publications & Distributions, Inc.
ISBN: 9781905464098
$35.96 (Member Price)

496 Pages

This volume is an indispensable anthology of critical texts on a central figure of Minimalism, Conceptual Art and more specifically, Monochrome Painting. Alongside contemporaries such as Carl Andre and Donald Judd, Robert Ryman's radical painting has fundamentally shifted the definitions and boundaries of art. Spanning four decades, this book charts the gradual evolution of consensus about the meaning of his painting. The most significant essays and exhibition reviews have been collated into one volume, including texts written by some of the most influential art historians and critics: Yve-Alain Bois, Douglas Crimp, Arthur C. Danto, Donald B. Kuspit, Lucy R. Lippard, Barbara Rose and Roberta Smith. Some essays appear here in English for the first time. With an introductory essay by Vittorio Colaizzi.
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