Cabinet 29: Sloth

Cabinet Magazine
ISBN: 1932698272
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112 pages
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The ambiguous status of the "couch potato" today is a symptom of the complex history of this notion. Cabinet 29 examines this history through a variety of essays, interviews and artist projects, including Brian Dillon on writing, illness and procrastination; Thomas Zummer on the fourth-century priest who cast Sloth as one of the seven deadly sins; Marina van Zuylen on modern fatigue; Daniel Rosenberg on nineteenth-century children's books and the pedagogy of time management; Christopher Turner on vasectomies and other medical cures for sloth; and artist Mladen Stilinovic's manifesto for laziness. Also: Mark Morrison on the history of gingerbread houses; Caroline de la Pena on Gustaf Zander's "medical gymnastics;" Paul La Farge on Cao Dai; Marina Warner on Roger Caillois' rock collection; Andrew McKie on the history of obituaries; and a pull-out poster by artist Dan Perjovschi.
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