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If Not Metamorphic
Brenda Iijima
Ahsahta Press
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IF NOT METAMORPHIC uses the long form, frequently in choral antiphon, to ask what kind of pressures exert change--as in the title poem, where war and human cruelty have turned even the kelp murderous--and what exactly is changed: sometimes words take on other forms before our eyes, sometimes sentences try on new endings in shameless view, and puns on popular culture poke through the deepest meditation.
Since I Moved in
Tim Peterson
Chax Press
Price: $16.00
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"In this self-reflective investigation Tim Peterson sensitively probes the nuances of transformation via language. The poise of consciousness: the body's positioning interlaced with the mind reservoir of move is calculated, and also nonchalant. This surface is taut with signal. The incongruities are provocative, the language, stunning." - Brenda Iijima

The Mooring of Starting Out : The First Five Books of Poetry
John Ashbery
Harper Collins Publishers
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Most critics would agree that John Ashbery is one of 20th-century American poetry's finest voices. Perhaps his most admired book is Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, a culmination of themes, styles, and forms with which the poet experimented over the course of two decades. Now, the poet's devoted readers can trace his development through the first five books of his poetry, collected here in one handy volume.
1-3 of 3 items
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