A wide selection of poetry books, including many titles from Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry Series. 
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Seamus Heaney : Readings in Contemporary Poetry #4
Dia publications
Seamus Heaney
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $150.00
Member Price: $120.00

Dia Art Foundation, New York. The Reed Foundation Poetry Chapbook Series. Readings in Contemporary Poetry, Number 4. Published on the occasion of a reading of these poems by the poet, March 23, 1988. Edition of 350.
Since I Moved in
Tim Peterson
Chax Press
Price: $16.00
Member Price: $14.40
Limited Stock: 5

"In this self-reflective investigation Tim Peterson sensitively probes the nuances of transformation via language. The poise of consciousness: the body's positioning interlaced with the mind reservoir of move is calculated, and also nonchalant. This surface is taut with signal. The incongruities are provocative, the language, stunning." - Brenda Iijima

The Essential and Incomplete Sade for Sade?s Sake
artists' books
Paul Chan
Badlands Unlimited
Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96
Limited Stock: 2

This artist book, designed by Chan, brings together for the first time drawings, writings, and fonts he created for Sade for Sade's sake, his monumental project that premiered at the 2009 Venice Biennale.
The History of the Invention : New and Selected Poems
Tony Towle
Hanging Loose Press
Price: $17.00
Member Price: $15.30
Limited Stock: 2

The wit, power and elegance of Towle's poetry is brought together at last in one definitive volume. One of the clear, authentic voices of American poetry -- Kenneth Koch.
The Iovis Trilogy : Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment
Anne Waldman
Coffee House Press
Price: $40.00
Member Price: $36.00
Limited Stock: 3

THE IOVIS TRILOGY, Anne Waldman's monumental feminist epic, traverses epochs, cultures, and genres to create a visionary call to poetic arms. IOVIS details the misdeeds of the Patriarch, and with a fierce imagination queries and subverts his warmongering.
The Line
Jennifer Moxley
The Post-Apollo Press
Price: $15.00
Member Price: $13.50
Limited Stock: 2

THE LINE extends in a series of interlocking prose poems, creating a strobe-like effect of intensely imagined moments shifting between sleeping and waking. Sharp, satirical, lush, or clear, the narrative voice twists through, seeking a line through time to braid its selves together. Moxley's intrepid language tosses us into the swim of new experience; into a bracing intimacy with the writing consciousness.
The Marvelous Bones of Time : Excavations and Explanations
Brenda Coultas
Coffee House Press
Price: $15.00
Member Price: $13.50
Limited Stock: 4

Incorporating memoir, folktales, fact, and hearsay into two distinctly moving poems, this collection attests to history's manifestation in the present moment.
The Mooring of Starting Out : The First Five Books of Poetry
John Ashbery
Harper Collins Publishers
Price: $19.99
Member Price: $17.99
Limited Stock: 4

Most critics would agree that John Ashbery is one of 20th-century American poetry's finest voices. Perhaps his most admired book is Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, a culmination of themes, styles, and forms with which the poet experimented over the course of two decades. Now, the poet's devoted readers can trace his development through the first five books of his poetry, collected here in one handy volume.
Veil : New and Selected Poems
Rae Armantrout
Wesleyan University Press
Price: $16.95
Member Price: $15.25
Limited Stock: 2

Rae Armantrout, a core member of the Language writing movement, has long been known for the wit, emotion and punch of her social critique. Veil contains poems from five of Armantrout's previous books as well as a generous selection of new poems.
Rae Armantrout
Wesleyan University Press
Price: $14.95
Member Price: $13.46
Limited Stock: 3

Rae Armantrout has always organized her collections of poetry as though they were works in themselves. Versed brings two of these sequences together, offering readers an expanded view of the arc of her writing. The poems in the first section, Versed, play with vice and versa, the perversity of human consciousness.
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