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Arthur Yorinks
Harry N. Abrams
Price: $12.95
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"Quack quack quack quack quack!" That's Quack for "This is a great read-aloud!" This charming and unique book is written in quack--the international language of ducks--by author Arthur Yorinks and illustrated with quilts by textile artist Adrienne Yorinks.
Quel Che Puo' Fare un Cane! Fare un Gatto!
Marcello Piccardo
Maurizio Corraini S.r.l.
Price: $16.78
Member Price: $15.10
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This clever book is two stories in one. Once you are finished with the first, just flip it up-side-down for more adventures.
Round Like a Ball
early reader
Lisa Campbell Ernst
Blue Apple
Price: $15.95
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Limited Stock: 3

Is it a meatball? A basketball? A pearl? As the round hole through the pages of this book grows larger, readers will come closer and closer to guessing the identity of the object that's round like a ball, hot and cold, every color, always moving, and home to us all. With a simple text and glorious collage artwork, Lisa Campbell Ernst offers a gentle tribute to our planet and a timely reminder that we all need to take care of it. Ages 4-8.
Seeing Things: A Kid's Guide to Looking at Photographs
Joel Meyerowitz
Price: $24.95
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Self-Portrait With Seven Fingers
J. Patrick Lewis
Creative Editions
Price: $18.99
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To do something with seven fingers is a Yiddish expression meaning to do something well or adroitly. Marc Chagall was a Russian Jew and a wandering dreamer. From his humble hometown of Vitebsk, Belarus, he went out to take in the world the grandeur of St. Petersburg, the romance of Paris, the freedom of New York.
Shape Game
early reader

Price: $16.00
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Limited Stock: 1

The same family that had such an enlightening experience in Anthony Browne's Zoo is now going to an art museum, Mom's choice for her birthday treat. But wisecracking Dad and their two sons are skeptical about how much fun this trip will be, and they're not quite sure what to make of the art. ("What on earth is that supposed to be?" asks Dad.) But, with Mom's help, once the boys start really looking at the paintings, they begin to find what pleasures they contain.
Shapes, Reshape!
Silvia Borando
Chesapeake & Hudson
Price: $14.00
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Singing Shijimi Clams
early reader
Naomi Kojima
Kane/Miller Book Publishers
Price: $15.95
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Limited Stock: 1

Take one older, not-so-wicked-anymore witch, add a slightly grumpy cat, and one large bucket of singing shijimi clams, and what you do NOT end up with, (no matter how hungry you are), is miso soup with clams. What you DO end up with is plain miso soup. What you end up with is a quiet, delicately illustrated tale of another country. What you end up with is a friendship that needs determination, ingenuity, and kindness - but no translation.
advanced reader
Deb Lucke
Clarion Books
Price: $16.99
Member Price: $15.29

Once there was a boy who sneezed so hard, he forgot his own name. Then he sneezed again, and he forgot where he was, and who his mom was, and a whole bunch of other important stuff. Pretty soon he'd sneezed out everything he learned the entire year. ACHOO! . . . and spelling, math, and all the U.S. presidents came flying out of his nose. And things just got worse from there. . . . Humorous, understated text and outrageous, vividly colored illustrations tell how the boy gets everything he's forgotten back into his head where it belongs, making for a tale that is truly sneezesational.
Squares & Other Shapes with Josef Albers
Josef Albers
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $9.95
Member Price: $8.96

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