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I. M. Pei : Words for the Future (out of print)
I. M. Pei
Idea Books
Price: $75.00
Member Price: $67.50
Limited Stock: 1

In this book, Pei talks with Fumihiko Maki about memorable personages and projects from a career that has spanned more than half a century, including descriptions of his encounters with Gropius and Aalto which convey the admirable qualities of these eminent architects as teachers and friends.
Imi Knoebel : October 9, 1987 - June 19,1988
Dia publications
Dia Art Foundation
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $120.00
Member Price: $108.00
Limited Stock: 4

Softcover 37 page catalogue, bound in stiff card covers in an oblong format and published on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition at the Dia Art Foundation from October 9, 1987-June 19, 1988.
Imi Knoebel : Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven
Johannes Stuttgen
Van Abbemuseum
Price: $595.00
Member Price: $535.50
Limited Stock: 4

Rare exhibition catalogue published in 1982 by the Van Abbemuseum.
Lichtenstein : Girls
Richard Hamilton
Gagosian Gallery
Price: $125.00
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Limited Stock: 1

This publication surveys the seminal group of Girl paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. In the Summer of 1961, Lichtenstein embarked on a series of iconic images of women, taken directly from newspaper clippings and the romance comic books prevalent in post-war America. The anonymity of mass-produced, cheap comics helped him capture specific impressions of real life, while maintaining the necessary degree of aesthetic distance afforded by what he understood to be the 'high restrictive quality of art'. The 'Girl' paintings, together with the war images (or 'Boy' paintings), established him as a major protagonist of the American Pop Art movement. His amalgamation of text and image, high and low culture, and his strategy to involve appropriated images, continues to be a rich source of inspiration for subsequent generations of artists, from Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, and Raymond Pettibon to John Currin and Elizabeth Peyton.A conversation between Jeff Koons and Dorothy Lichtenstein opens the catalogue. The publication also brings together an exceptional collection of over 130 images of paintings, drawings, sources, and documentary photographs.Included in these images are 22 full-coloured plates of the 'Girl' paintings, 18 of which are featured in the exhibition. The catalogue closes with a select chronology of Roy Lichtenstein's life, pinpointing important exhibitions and occasions.An artist's book response to the Girl paintings created by Richard Prince is also included as an insert.
Louise Bourgeois : Nothing to Remember!
Dia artists
Louise Bourgeois
Steidl Books
Price: $250.00
Member Price: $225.00

Nothing to Remember! is a facsimile of 22 delicately-colored prints on hand-drawn music paper created between 2004 and 2006 by Louise Bourgeois. This artist's book follows an earlier publication, Ode a l'Oubli (Ode to Forgetfulness), which Bourgeois made entirely out of fabric, using linens and clothing remnants from her past. Nothing to Remember! is an immediate collectible, with only limited quantities available.
Mark Tansey
de Werd, Dressler, etc.
Kerber Verlag
Price: $50.00
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Limited Stock: 1

The monumental monochrome paintings of Mark Tansey seem at first to celebrate a landscape's elemental grandeur with photographic accuracy. Icy blues of snow- and oceanscapes show a frozen moment of nature's ungraspability. Then, out of the blue, literally, you make out a face in a large snowball--and not just any face, but Karl Marx's. A vague surfer rides roiling swells around the Statue of Liberty, and the cliff face that climbers are scaling is as impossibly angled as an Escher staircase.
Mary Ellen Mark : Exposure
Weston Naef
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $79.95
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Limited Stock: 1

Acclaimed American documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark (b. 1940) made her first iconic pictures when living in Turkey on a Fulbright Fellowship in the mid-1960s. Her photographs of Bombay brothels, shot in the late 1970s, were published in 1981 in Falkland Road, a book that became legendary and confirmed her status as one of the most prominent and provocative documentary photographers working today.
Matthias Muller : Album
Matthias Muller
Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96
Limited Stock: 2

Film, Video and Photography by Matthias Muller. German and English text.
Nicole Eisenman : Selected Works 1994-2004
Victor Mathieu
Walther Konig
Price: $62.00
Member Price: $55.80
Limited Stock: 3

This first monograph devoted to the work of the influential and transgressive New York City painter of all things excessive, queer, abject, kitsch and twisted features selected works from 1994-2004--including drawings, paintings, collages and installations.
Oranges and Sardines : Conversations on Abstract Painting
Gary Garrels
Hammer Museum
Price: $35.00
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Limited Stock: 1

For Oranges and Sardines, curated by Gary Garrels of Los Angeles' Hammer Museum, six contemporary abstract painters--Mark Grotjahn, Wade Guyton, Mary Heilmann, Amy Sillman, Charline von Heyl and Christopher Wool--present a recent painting alongside the work of other artists who have impacted their work.
21-30 of 41 items
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