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Roni Horn : Haraldsdottír Part 2 (Island)
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
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Roni Horn's "To Place" series is about the connections between identity and location. Haraldsdóttir, Part Two, is the tenth volume in this series. It is related to Haraldsdóttir, which was published in 1996.
Roni Horn : Herdubreid at Home
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
Price: $25.00
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"Iceland is really the center of action for me," Roni Horn has said. "Since I grew up in New York people think I'm escaping from all its lunacy. Not at all. When I go to Iceland that's where I get nervous, where I think: 'Oh my God, this is intense.'" Horn's new book Herdubreid at Home is a collection of photographs of the Icelandic landscape.
Roni Horn : Index Cixous (Cix Pax)
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
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Inspired by the philosopher and writer Hélène Cixous, which whom the photographer and artist Roni Horn has collaborated before, Index Cixous questions the nature of language in its most fundamental sense and proposes a version--one without words, but which can be read as any other. Both Horn and Cixous are concerned with communication wrought out of material space. Cixous writes about women?s language arising from the female body, and she argues for a new language, one not in thrall to patriarchy but that acknowledges the life-giving force and history of the feminine.
Shirin Neshat
Arthur C. Danto
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Internationally acclaimed photographer, videographer, and filmmaker Shirin Neshat first came to prominence in the mid-1990s when she exhibited her series the Women of Allah, an extraordinary body of work exploring women in Islamic culture.
The Black Figure is Waiting for the White : Mario Giacomelli Photographs
Mario Giacomelli
Price: $69.00
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In this ultimate collection, Mario Giacomelli's most appreciated collection of landscapes, street scenes, still life, and portraits of everyday Italian life are combined with a unique and unseen new series.
The Dusseldorf School of Photography
Stefan Gronert
Aperture Foundation, Inc.
Price: $95.00
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The German photographic movement commonly known as the Dusseldorf School of Photography has become synonymous with artistic excellence and innovation.
The End of the Game : The Last Word from Paradise
Peter H. Beard
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Researched, photographed, and compiled over 20 years, Beard's "End of the Game" tells the tale of the enterprisers, explorers, missionaries, and big-game hunters who changed the face of Africa in the 20th century. Peter Beard lived on land adjoining the farm of Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) in Kenya. There he began a special relationship with Karen and with the people and animals of the continent. Here he documents the history and future of African wildlife, focusing on the widespread destruction of the African elephant. Beard will be the subject of an ABC TV special this spring. Illustrated.
The Factory : Photography and the Warhol Community
Catherine Zuromskis
La Fabrica
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Of the many ways in which Pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987) has influenced contemporary art, perhaps the most significant is the collaborative sphere he orchestrated through The Factory.
The Hudson River : From Tear in the Clouds to Manhattan
Jake Rajs
Monacelli Press
Price: $25.00
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Celebrated as the American Rhine, the majestic Hudson River flows more than three hundred miles from its source high in the Adirondack Mountains to New York Harbor. Lining its banks are the marks of the four hundred years of history that have transpired since Henry Hudson piloted the Half Moon north from New Amsterdam in 1609. Today the river and the surrounding valley are protected as a National Heritage Area by the National Park Service.
The Life and Death of Buildings : On Photography and Time
Joel Smith
Princeton University Press
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Buildings inhabit and symbolize time, giving form to history and making public space an index of the past. Photographs are made of time; they are literally projections of past states of their subjects. This visually striking meditation on architecture in photography explores the intersection between these two ways of embodying the past. Photographs of buildings, Joel Smith argues, are simultaneously the agents, vehicles, and cargo of social memory.
81-90 of 113 items
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