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Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen : Landfall
Elodie Hiryczuk
Jap Sam Books
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The idea began with two islands: the reclaimed marshland called Zuidas in central Amsterdam, and the youngest island in the world, Surtsey, off the coast of Iceland. Although similar in size, they couldn?t be more different. Zuidas is a glossy, dense, modern business district; Surtsey an inaccessible, uninhabited volcanic environment accessible only for research.
Ivory Serra : The Serra Effect
Rose, Gonzales, etc.
Drago : Arts & Communication
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Ivory Serra's intoxicating insider photographs have appeared in Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Time and XXL, and in the books Hip Hop Immortals and the bestselling Beautiful Losers. He was the in-house photographer for the legendary New York gallery Alleged, over its last six years in the 1990s, documenting art and artists both, and his work there was published in the book Young, Sleek and Full of Hell, with accompanying shows in New York and Paris.
James Welling : Glass House
Sylvia Lavin
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Over the course of three years, from 2006 to 2009, James Welling (born 1951) photographed the Glass House, the architectural landmark estate that Philip Johnson built in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 1949. Welling's photos offer a decided departure from the familiar views of the house and grounds: using digital cameras set on a tripod and holding a variety of filters in front of the lens, he created tinted veils and distortions that transformed the image at the moment of exposure, endowing it with powerful swells of glowing color.
Jean Luc Mylayne
Jean Luc Mylayne
Twin Palms Publishers
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For more than thirty years, Jean Luc Mylayne has been photographing the birds of his native France. The creation of each images is a laborious process which can take months as Mylayne returns to the same location, day after day, waiting for his "actors," the birds, to play their parts before his lense. Mylayne asserts that the birds--he particularly focuses on bluebirds indigenous to Western Europe and the Western United States--are willing participants in the making of the picture. This is Jean Luc Mylayne's first book, and will accompany a U.S. exhibition traveling to the Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston; University of Seattle; Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and University of Urbana-Champaign. The book features essays by Blaffer Gallery director Terrie Sultan, as well as Lynne Cooke.
Jeff Wall : Transit
Ulrich Bischoff
Schirmer / Mosel
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Alongside his cinematographic works, which he, with the precision of a director, plans, photographs and produces in a long, technical process, Wall is also keen to explore the documentary aspects of photography.
John Cage Was

Wesleyan University Press
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Julius Shulman : Modernism Rediscovered
Drohojowska-Philp, etc.
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Modernist masterpieces lost and found: Rare photographs by Julius Shulman TASCHEN's Modernism Rediscovered brought to light for the first time some 300 forgotten architectural masterpieces, drawn from photographer Julius Shulman's personal archives.
Kiki Smith : Photographs
Elizabeth A. Brown
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Lost Utopias: Photographs
Jade Doskow
Black Dog Publishing Ltd.
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Mario Pfeifer : Reconsidering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California b
Mario Pfeifer
Sternberg Press
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Using the work of Lewis Baltz, a leading photographer of the 1975 New Topographics movement, as a jumping-off point, this book documents Mario Pfeifer's multi-faceted work, Reconsidering The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974.
51-60 of 113 items
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