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The Seventh Dog
Danny Lyon
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $125.00
Member Price: $112.50
Limited Stock: 3

Thomas Struth : Unconscious Places
Richard Sennett
Schirmer / Mosel
Price: $110.00
Member Price: $99.00
Limited Stock: 2

Mundane buildings, nondescript streets, anonymous facades--these are the features that first strike in viewing Thomas Struth's pictures of streets--"unconscious places".
Thumbsucker : Photography from the Film by Mike Mills
Borthwick, Cole, etc.
Price: $29.95
Member Price: $26.96
Limited Stock: 1

Justin Cobb, the main character of Mike Mills's directorial debut, is still sucking his thumb at 17. He wants to stop, but when he finally does--thanks to hypnotherapy administered by his new-age orthodontist, played by Keanu Reeves--it throws his life and his family's into complete disarray. Thumbsucker, which documents the eponymous film's production, is art in itself, packed with work from a group of super-hip, internationally known young photographers including Takashi Homma, Ed Templeton, Todd Cole, Mark Borthwick and Ryan McGinley.
Time Passes
Robert Adams
Thames & Hudson
Price: $40.00
Member Price: $36.00
Limited Stock: 1

Robert Adams reveals the beauty of the American landscape, exploring lost paradises and areas threatened with destruction. Time Passes is a meditation on transience and on the promise inherent in beauty. The pictures were made near Adams's home in the American Northwest, a region once famous for its vast woodlands but now infamous for the ravages of industrial forestry. In the book the photographer turns away from environmental catastrophe in order to study the shore and sea and light. 32 tritone illustrations.
Tracey Moffatt : Free-Falling
Dia publications
Cooke, Julien & Moffatt
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $25.00
Member Price: $20.00

Documenting an exhibition by Tracey Moffatt, with essays by Isaac Julien with Mark Nash, Lynne Cooke, and Sam Shepard.
Uncommon Places
Stephen Shore
Price: $65.00
Member Price: $58.50
Limited Stock: 1

Unfixed : Photography and Postcolonial Perspectives in Contemporary Art
Sara Blokland
Jap Sam Books
Price: $49.95
Member Price: $44.96
Limited Stock: 2

Start with a think tank approach to the question of how photography in a post colonial world can fix cultural identity. Turn the idea into a multi platform symposium and exhibition involving a multicultural group of artists of color.
Vera Lutter
Douglas Crimp
Hatje Cantz Verlag
Price: $55.00
Member Price: $49.50
Limited Stock: 2

In 1991, German-born photographer Vera Lutter (born 1960) moved to New York. Inspired by the city's architecture and night-time luminescence, Lutter took the extraordinary step of transforming her apartment into a pinhole camera, and, in a process that could last weeks or even months, exposed images directly onto wall-size sheets of photographic paper.
Warhol by Galella :That's Great!
Glenn O'Brien
Monacelli Press
Price: $60.00
Member Price: $54.00
Limited Stock: 3

Paparazzo--Italian for pesky--is synonymous with Ron Galella, the photographer who made his name capturing celebrities in unguarded, often private moments. Famously banned from approaching Jackie Onassis and punched by Marlon Brando, Galella was a favorite of Andy Warhol, who shared his fascination with the great and near-great.
White Trash Uncut
Christopher Makos
Glitterati Incorporated
Price: $50.00
Member Price: $45.00
Limited Stock: 4

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