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Bruce Nauman : The True Artist
Dia artists, monograph
Peter Plagens
Phaidon Press, Inc.
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In this meticulous authorized monograph, critic Plagens, a longtime friend of Nauman, weaves historical context, critical perspective, and his own reflections to study the career of one of the most, if not the most, influential artists of the last half-century, and get at the real truth of Bruce Nauman's work.
Bruce Nauman : Theaters of Experience
Dia artists
Cross & Nauman
Guggenheim Museum
Price: $29.95
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One of the most significant, funny, and nails-on-a-chalkboard jarring artists of the second half of the 20th century, Bruce Nauman has expanded the scope of traditional art practice and influenced a generation of artists. He has made himself into a fountain (one upping Marcel Duchamp), cast the space under a chair, fashioned a screeching carousel of carcass-like parts, reinvented the neon sign as a contemporary haiku, and, most recently, recorded the dullness of his studio in real time.
Bruce Nauman : Topological Gardens
Dia artists
Carlos Basualdo
TriLiteral LLC
Price: $40.00
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Limited Stock: 2

In 2008, Nauman was unanimously selected to represent the United States at the 53rd Venice Biennale, in an exhibition organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The accompanying catalogue explores the interconnections among several specific themes that have recurred prominently throughout four decades of Nauman's work.
Bruce Nauman : Topological Gardens: Installation Views
Dia artists
Carlos Basualdo
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Price: $12.00
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With a body of work that encompasses video, installation, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and neon, and that spans from the 1960s to the present day, Bruce Nauman (born 1941) is one of the most innovative artists of his generation.
Carl Andre : Glarus 1993 - 2004
Dia artists
Eva Meyer-Hermann
Buchhandlung Walter Konig
Price: $70.00
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Limited Stock: 3

"When this beautiful catalog was first proposed, I rashly promised to write a dedicatory poem for it. But when I saw the first proof pages, it dawned on me that all the works which Elsbeth and Ruedi had made possible for me to create are in themselves an ongoing poem which I could never surpass." So writes Carl Andre of his work in Glarus, a Swiss mountain town.
Carl Andre : Quincy
Dia artists, special editions
Carl Andre
Primary Information
Price: $20.00
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An unusual work within Andre's oeuvre, this artist's book hints at the origins of his sculptural aesthetic.
Carl Andre : Sculpture as Place,1958-2010
Dia artists, Dia publications
Yasmil Raymond
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $65.00
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A major retrospective catalogue on the career of minimalist sculptor and poet Carl Andre, which accompanies the first retrospective of Andre's work since the 1970's at Dia:Beacon. Yasmil Raymond and Philippe Vergne; Edited by Michelle Piranio and Jeremy Sigler Published by Dia Art Foundation in association with Yale University Press.
Carl Andre : Sculpture, 1959 - 1977
Dia artists
David Bourdon
Jaap Rietman Inc., New York
Price: $50.00
Member Price: $45.00

Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held at Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, Texas, January 7 - February 19, 1978.
Carl Andre : Things In Their Elements
Dia artists
Alistair Rider
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $75.00
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Limited Stock: 2

Carl Andre (born 1935), the American minimalist artist, is perhaps best known for his grid-based floor sculptures but also for large, outdoor public artworks and small sculptures, poetry and installations. Alistair Rider here shows that it is the materials that he uses to make his works that inspire him - from his controversial bricks to all sorts of metals, found wood, even hay bales, Andre is fascinated by what materials make up the world and presents them for contemplation.
Chamberlain New Sculpture
Dia artists, recent arrivals
Chamberlain, John

Price: $25.00
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Julie Sylvester. Pace Gallery, 1991. Paperback, 15 color illustrations
81-90 of 342 items
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