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Bruce Nauman
Dia artists
Robert Storr & Joan Simon
Thames & Hudson
Price: $40.00
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Bruce Nauman : Audio-Video Undergroud Chamber
Dia artists
Hochdorfer, Neuner, etc.
Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg
Price: $20.00
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Limited Stock: 1

Before spider holes made their media debut, there was Bruce Nauman's spectacular 1972-74 installation Audio-Video Underground Chamber. Its single concrete vault, with dimensions close to those of the human body, is buried--like a coffin--one and a half meters deep. Integrated into the space are a lamp, a camera and a microphone, which transmit image and sound to a gallery.
Bruce Nauman : Going Solo
Dia artists
Robert Slifkin
Companion Editions
Price: $12.95
Member Price: $11.66
Limited Stock: 3

Bruce Nauman: Going Solo is the first volume in Companion Editions' series of pocketbook readers.
Bruce Nauman : Inside the White Cube
Dia artists
Constance Lewallen
White Cube Gallery
Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96
Limited Stock: 3

This slim volume focuses on the groundbreaking experimental films that Bruce Nauman (born 1941) made between 1967 and 1969, in which the artist's own body is used as an instrument to relentlessly interrogate the human condition.
Bruce Nauman : Live or Die
Dia artists
Eugen Blume
Price: $59.95
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Limited Stock: 5

"Some forty-odd years after Bruce Nauman began tweaking the conventions of studio practice and the hallowed persona of the 'artist-as-seer,'" Pamela M. Lee wrote in Artforum not long ago.
Bruce Nauman : Mindfuck
Dia artists
Philip Larratt-Smith
Hauser & Wirth
Price: $45.00
Member Price: $40.50
Limited Stock: 5

Bruce Nauman: Mindfuck is the first publication to look at this celebrated artist's work in performance, drawing, video, printmaking and neon installation, in the light of its relationship to psychology.
Bruce Nauman : One Hundred Fish Fountain
Dia artists
Frank-Thorsten Moll
Kehrer Verlag
Price: $36.00
Member Price: $32.40

This book presents a new and spectacular work by the most innovative of America's contemporary artists: Bruce Nauman's installation "One Hundred Fish Fountain."
Bruce Nauman : Raw Materials
Dia artists
Emma Dexter
Tate Enterprises
Price: $24.95
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Limited Stock: 2

Bruce Nauman (b. 1941) is arguably the most influential contemporary artist at work today. His pioneering explorations of sculpture, performance, film, video, neon, and sound art have seen him investigating different areas of art years before his peers, providing inspiration for innumerable artistic careers.
Bruce Nauman : The True Artist
Dia artists, monograph
Peter Plagens
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $125.00
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Limited Stock: 3

In this meticulous authorized monograph, critic Plagens, a longtime friend of Nauman, weaves historical context, critical perspective, and his own reflections to study the career of one of the most, if not the most, influential artists of the last half-century, and get at the real truth of Bruce Nauman's work.
Bruce Nauman : Theaters of Experience
Dia artists
Cross & Nauman
Guggenheim Museum
Price: $29.95
Member Price: $26.96

One of the most significant, funny, and nails-on-a-chalkboard jarring artists of the second half of the 20th century, Bruce Nauman has expanded the scope of traditional art practice and influenced a generation of artists. He has made himself into a fountain (one upping Marcel Duchamp), cast the space under a chair, fashioned a screeching carousel of carcass-like parts, reinvented the neon sign as a contemporary haiku, and, most recently, recorded the dullness of his studio in real time.
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