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The following section is dedicated to artists with works in the Dia Art Foundation's permanent collection. 
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Dia artists
Klaus Honnef
Price: $14.99
Member Price: $13.49
Limited Stock: 5

Warhol and Dance
Dia artists
Alessandra Bellavita
Perseus Distribution
Price: $40.00
Member Price: $36.00
Limited Stock: 2

When Andy Warhol first arrived in New York, he spent a great deal of time within the dance community, and this milieu became the first "scene" he recorded.
Warhol on Warhol
Dia artists
Estrella De Diego
La Casa Encendida
Price: $64.00
Member Price: $57.60
Limited Stock: 3

Warhol was an extremely public figure, but a very private person. His guardedness, offset by his desire to place himself in front of the media, has created a confounding situation. While Warhol masterfully presented a honed persona to the world, his facade also drove critics, fans, acquaintances, and perfect strangers to hunt for evidence of his personal life.
Warhol Wool Newman : Painting Real
Dia artists
Peter Pakesch
Walther Konig
Price: $53.00
Member Price: $47.70
Limited Stock: 1

In the 1960s, this volume argues, Andy Warhol was looking to Barnett Newman as Wool looked to Warhol in the 1980s, to produce his "Word Paintings," a particular focus of this volume.
Warhol's Jews : Ten Portraits Reconsidered
Dia artists
Richard Meyer
The Jewish Museum
Price: $15.00
Member Price: $13.50
Limited Stock: 4

Upon their first appearance in 1980, Andy Warhol's ten portraits of twentieth century Jews were greeted with both adoration and hostility. Why did Warhol, an artist who otherwise displayed little interest in Jewish culture or causes, create a series devoted to eminent Jews at this moment in his career? Warhol's Jews: Ten Portraits Reconsidered examines this controversial series of silk screen paintings and prints in the context of the artist's late career.
Warhol: The Biography: 75th Anniversay Edition
Dia artists
Victor Bockris
DaCapo Press
Price: $26.00
Member Price: $23.40

Artist, filmmaker, photographer, writer, publisher, interviewer, model, actor, business artist, fashion consultant, set designer, TV show host, rock choreographer, record producer, gourmet, jet setter, trendsetter, dog lover, fighter and modern dancer, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) transformed how we view and value our lives and world.
Worlds Envisioned : Alighiero E Boetti & Frederic Bruly Bouabre
Dia artists, Dia publications
Cooke, Boetti & Magnin
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $40.00
Member Price: $32.00

This book is the catalogue for the exhibition Worlds Envisioned by Alighiero e Boetti and Frederic Bruly Bouabre, on view at Dia, 548 West 22nd Street, New York, October 6, 1994 - June 25, 1995.
Writings on Cy Twombly
Dia artists
Nicola Del Roscio
Schirmer / Mosel
Price: $69.95
Member Price: $62.96
Limited Stock: 1

While Cy Twombly was still a student, his inspiring work attracted the attention of art critics and art historians, and also prompted poets, philosophers, essayists, and fellow artists to write about him.
331-338 of 338 items
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