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Dan Flavin : The Complete Lights 1961-1996
Dia artists, Dia publications
M. Govan & T. Bell
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $150.00
Member Price: $120.00

A highly anticipated, complete study of the stunning light works by Dan Flavin.
Dia : Beacon
Dia artists, Dia publications
Cooke & Govan
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $85.00
Member Price: $68.00

Dia:Beacon Riggio Galleries, Dia Art Foundation's museum, presents one of the world's most distinguished collections of contemporary art. The museum, which opened in May 2003, occupies a 300,000-square-foot former industrial...
Michael Heizer
Dia artists
Germano Celant
Fondazione Prada
Price: $85.00
Member Price: $76.50

The great projects of Michael Heizer, with their quest for titanic dimension, constitute the last manifestation of the adventure of Western Art. This book can be considered the first large monograph study of Heizer's oeuvre.
Robert Ryman
Dia artists, Dia publications
Courtney J. Martin, Stephen Hoban
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $65.00
Member Price: $52.00

This remarkable volume, featuring new photography and original essays by a formidable array of scholars and curators, is the most expansive and thorough investigation of the work of America...
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13 Most Wanted Men : Andy Warhol and the 1964 World's Fair : Conversations
Dia artists, recent arrivals
Hilary Ballon
Queens Museum of Art
Price: $35.00
Member Price: $31.50
Limited Stock: 3

This volume brings expert opinion and first-hand testimony to bear upon the events surrounding the creation and destruction of Andy Warhol's Thirteen Most Wanted Men at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
A Rose Has No Teeth : Bruce Nauman in the 1960s
Dia artists
Constance Lewallen
University of California Pres
Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96
Limited Stock: 2

One of the most innovative, provocative, and influential of America's contemporary artists, Bruce Nauman spent his formative years in Northern California--first as a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, then living in and around San Francisco. This splendidly illustrated book explores Nauman's relationship to the place where he created his earliest and most strikingly original works during the mid to late 1960s.
About Carl Andre : Critical Texts Since 1965
Dia artists
Feldman,Rider & Schubert
R.A.M Publications & Distributions, Inc.
Price: $59.95
Member Price: $53.96
Limited Stock: 5

This dynamic collection of essays and exhibition reviews charts the gradual evolution of consensus on the meaning of Andre's art among the most influential art historians and critics of our time.
AC : Bruce Nauman : Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage)
Dia artists
Nauman & Cage
Buchhandlung Walter Konig
Price: $19.95
Member Price: $17.96

Nauman presents seven large-scale projections of his New Mexico studio interior. Forty-two hours of tape were shot over 42 nights using infra-red lenses, and reveal the basic preconditions for his artistic production: his empty studio. Essay by Christine Litz.~Foreword by Kasper König.
Agnes Martin
Dia artists, Dia publications
L. Cooke & K. Kelly
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $50.00
Member Price: $40.00

"This volume is an irresistible summons to readers to turn their backs on the world, and follow the artist into her work."-Nancy Campbell, Times Literary Supplement
Agnes Martin
Dia artists
F. Morris & T. Bell
Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.
Price: $55.00
Member Price: $49.50

Agnes Martin : Her Life and Art
Dia artists, recent arrivals
Nancy Princenthal
Thames & Hudson
Price: $39.95
Member Price: $35.96

The whole engrossing story, told here for the first time, Agnes Martin is essential reading for anyone interested in abstract art or the history of women artists in America.
Agnes Martin : Paintings, Writings, Remembrances by Arne Glimcher
Dia artists
Arne Glimcher
Phaidon Press, Inc.
Price: $165.00
Member Price: $148.50

Agnes Martin, Paintings, Writings, Remembrances by Arne Glimcher is a beautiful collection of the artist's most important art works, illuminated by her own notes and writings.
Agnes Martin : With My Back to the World
Dia artists
Mary Lance
New Deal Films
Price: $29.95
Member Price: $26.96

Alfred J. Jensen Memorial
Dia artists
Alfred Jensen
Litho West
Price: $25.00
Member Price: $22.50

A book acting as a physical memorial to the late Alfred Jensen.
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