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Andrea Zittel : Lay of My Land
Richard Julin
Price: $39.95
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Blurring the line between art and life, Andrea Zittel's fascinating experiments in functional living showcase her preoccupation with self-sufficiency and adaptability.
Andrew Kuo : What Me Worry
Kelefa Sanneh
Price: $49.95
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Repurposing the sad, comical and seemingly trivial minutiae of everyday life into pie charts, flow charts and other forms of visual data sorting, New York-based artist Andrew Kuo transforms the idlest of days into a witty analysis in color and pattern. Among the many itemizations he has rendered into charts: "Some Things I am Scared of in November 2007"; "My Ideal Slacker Tuesday on March 27, 2008"; "Being Accused of Being an Asshole (Via Instant Messager) on June 21, 2009." The brilliance and charm of these works lies not only in their balance of what might be called "cool content in geek form," but also in the criteria and gradations they measure--for example, a chart analyzing "My Selected History with The Boredoms" takes the band's chronological discography along its horizontal axis, and runs from "Potheads" to "Mindblowing!" along its vertical axis.
Andy Goldsworthy : En Las Estranas Del Arbol
Jose Maria Parreno
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte
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Goldsworthy's oeuvre is made entirely of natural materials such as leaves, wood, stone or snow, resulting mainly in site-specific installations linked to a certain place. The forms and structures he creates blend in with the landscape, striving to find a balance with their setting and the effects of light and atmosphere. The resulting work interacts with its surroundings, changing and growing as time goes by.
Andy Goldsworthy : Hand to Earth
Terry Friedman
Harry Abrams
Price: $50.00
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Now available in paperback, this retrospective book covering the work of Andy Goldsworthy from 1976 to 1990 remains one of the most comprehensive publications on the acclaimed artist.
Andy Goldsworthy : Passage
Andy Goldsworthy
Harry Abrams
Price: $60.00
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Andy Goldsworthy's Passage focuses on the journeys that people, rivers, landscapes, and even stones take through space and time. A cairn made by the renowned sculptor in the Scottish village where he lives reveals the influence that his work close to home has on projects he creates elsewhere. A series involving elm trees, from glowing yellow leaves to dead branches, exemplifies his work's vigorous beauty as well as its association with death and decay.
Andy Warhol : Art from Art
Dia artists
L. Glozer & J. Schellman
Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.
Price: $33.00
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Limited Stock: 2

Photographs and works detailing Warhol's use and interest in art history.
Andy Warhol : The Factory Years, 1964-1967
Dia artists
Nat Finkelstein
Powerhouse Books
Price: $45.00
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Limited Stock: 1

New York City, the 1960s: Inside a ramshackle studio known as The Factory, the post-war art world encountered the industrial revolution. For more than two years, Nat Finkelstein was on the scene, documenting the explosive emergence of Pop Art, a subversive spectacle created by the constantly calculating Andy Warhol.
Andy Warhol Enterprises
Dia artists
Crow, Fremont, Green etc
Hatje Cantz Verlag
Price: $55.00
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Business art is the step that comes after Art, Andy Warhol once observed, of his career trajectory; "I started as a commercial artist, and I want to finish as a business artist." In all of his work as an artist, filmmaker, director of the Factory, band manager, magazine publisher and television entrepreneur, Warhol willfully disrupted and dismantled the line between art and commerce, terminally collapsing the values of art at the midcentury by brazenly asserting that "Good business is the best art."
Anish Kapoor : Dirty Corner
Anish Kapoor
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Anish Kapoor is the creator of popular public sculptures and the recipient of numerous international awards, including the Turner Prize (1991). He emerged in London in the early 1980s and has created a remarkable body of work that, employing intense colors and refined surfaces and working with contrasts between form and void, and light and darkness, blends a modernist sense of pure materiality with a fascination for the manipulation of form and the perception of space.
Ann Hamilton : Tropos
Dia publications
Cooke, Hamilton & Warner
Dia Art Foundation
Price: $40.00
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Edited by Lynne Cooke and Karen Kelly, Tropos documents an installation by Ann Hamilton at Dia, 548 W. 22nd Street. This richly illustrated book includes essays by Lynne Cooke, Dave Hickey, Bruce Ferguson, and Marina Warner.
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